Rev'it Maci Ladies Black Shortened Leather Motorcycle Pants

Stylish sports pants made of soft cowhide leather, equipped with hip and knee protectors
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Maci Ladies trousers exemplify the minimalist design without the need to show it off. Their clean lines and high quality cow leather create a sober look that ensures comfort throughout the day, while top quality skin is not only elegant, but also soft: it gradually adapts to the body with the passage of time, However, offering a formidable abrasion resistance and protection in any potential impact point.
The shaped silhouette of the Maci Ladies is made with elasticized inserts, meticulously designed to ensure full freedom of movement and greater air flow. In addition, these trousers are available in three different lengths, to find the "right" fit that suitable for your build and your personal driving style.
In addition to the fit and feeling, these trousers offer high performance protection and an optimal air flow. CE Seesmart Protections that are renowned for the way they follow the shapes, do not give eye on the knees and hips, while the four ventilation areas on the upper and lower part of the legs make the Maci Ladies a second skin that will make you always feel fresh.
• Women's trousers
• Urban style
• Ideal in the half seasons
• Made of cinotto leather and elasticized polyester
• Safety seams
• Seesmart Ce -LiverE 1 sides protections
• Seesmart Ce -LiverE 1 knee protections
• Ventilation areas on the lower leg of the legs
• Ventilation areas on the thighs
• Adjustable knees
• Short connection hinge
• Front closure with B-circle buttons
• Elasticized on the horse
• Elasticization on the legs
• Elasticized life

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Manufacturer Rev'it