Dark green visor Nolan N60.5 N64 N63 N62 G6.1

Dark green visor (dark smoke effect) Nolan N60.5 N64 N63 N62 G6.1
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The visor is injection molded from resin that offers UV protection. It complies with ECE/ONU 22-05: which requires verification of optical properties: visors must provide light transmittance greater than 80% ( clear visor), it is also allowed to light transmittance greater than 50% ( smoked visor) if the visor bears the words "daytime use only". The visors with lower light transmittance (dark smoked visor) can be used for competitions at racetracks: for this reason, specific instructions are accompanied to the individual visor. The visor provides Scratch Resistant treatment on both sides. The dark green visor is not homologated.

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Manufacturer Nolan Group
Color Green