Motoairbag v3.0 Orange Airbag Vest with Fast Lock

Airbag vest with two systems, one front and one rear. Certified for back, cervical, coccyx and thorax protection. Adjustment system to adapt to different jackets

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Vest complete with 2 airbag systems (one front and one rear) with FAST LOCK supplied.
On the side it is equipped with a zipper to switch from one size to another and adjustments to adapt to the different jackets (winter or summer) that you can continue to use.

- Made of high tenacity polyester.
- It has 2 airbag systems (one rear and one front):
- EN1621 / 4: 2013 Level 2 certified: back, cervical, coccyx and thorax
- Impact test residual force: 1.4kN rear airbag - 0.8kN front airbag
- Inflation time 80 milliseconds
- Total volume 25 liters
- Airbag system weight: 800 g rear airbag - 600 g front airbag
- Reusable

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Manufacturer Motoairbag
Color Orange