Helmet holder shoulder strap hooking double-DD Motoabbigliamento.it Black

Convenient and functional shoulder strap for carrying your helmet like a bag every time you get off the bike. Easy to use thanks to the practical double-D attachment.
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How many times will it have happened to you, at the end of a trip out of town, during a stop between one village and another, or simply once you have arrived at your destination, to get off your bike and not know where to put your helmet? We have the solution for you! Taking advantage of the double ring attachment you can use this shoulder strap to carry your helmet in comfort, and always have your hands completely free. Thanks to the Motoabbigliamento shoulder strap you will no longer; need to place your helmet on the ground or attach it to the bike leaving it unattended, but you can wear it like a bag and enjoy your break in total relaxation
- - - :
- Helmet carrying strap
- helmet with 3D mesh perforated padding
- Easy to use: just connect the double-D strap with the helmet strap and adjust it
- Leaves your hands free
- Can be easily rolled up in case it is not used

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Manufacturer Motoabbigliamento.it
Color Black