Guanti moto Rev'it Speedart Air Nero

Sporty summer gloves with PWR|Mesh for road racing

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The design of a Rev'it head of clothing! It requires intense research and development activities, and to make sure it is so, we accept the more experienced customer and motorcyclists. The brand new Speedart Air had to be worthy of their name: the best example of the art of balanced the sporting style of sports motorcycling with high -level summer performance; They are gloves able to optimize the air flow even in the hottest conditions, while offering higher comfort and control. And, spoiler alert, they really are.
The freedom of movement offered by the Automan elastic tissue between the fingers and the open plot of PWR | Mesh and recycled neoprene that work together to ventilate the back of the hand. On the palms of the Speedart Air, the resistance of the soft goat skin combined with microfiber gives gloves the maximum sensitivity and feedback to the handlebar.
Driving at a sustained pace with the heat requires a skilful balance between ventilation and protection, and so the Speedart Air were carefully made to wrap the fingers, the thumbs and the palms of the hands in a malleable foam with memory. In case of fall, the gloves must be your safety network, and it is here that an additional foam layer intervenes with memory under the protections of the knuckles injected into PU. In addition, there is the reassurance of the sliders on the palm in TPU, which have shown to prevent and reduce the risk of injuries.
• Man gloves
• Touring style
• Ideal in summer
• Air mesh 3D in partially recycled polyester
• Reticulated Polyester Air Mesh 3D
• Elasticized Automan
• microfibre e-touch
• Bottal color with water -repellent finish
• Pollice fabric and Connect index
• Memory Foam below the paranocche, on the palms and fingers
• rigid pranocche in TPU
• Injecting TPR ditto protections
• PWR | Yarn
• rigid slider for palm in TPU
• Elasticized inserts on fingers
• Elasticized inserts on the thumb
• adjustment tabs on cuffs
• Strapping closure
• Tricot lining
• GRIP areas on the palms
• External seams
• tongue
• short cuffs
• Elastic cuffs

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