GIVI trk33n Givi Trekker Monokey side bag with aluminum finish and doors 33 liters

Givi Trekker Monokey side bag with aluminum finish and top opening flap
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33lt case with aluminum finish equipped with top opening door,from the monokey line that allows the case to be opened and removed from the mounting plate,using only one key. It has a volume of 33 lt,a maximum load of 10 kg. Dimensions l=526mm , d=230mm , h=411mm. Available in two versions with a capacity of 46liters (TRK46N) and 33liters (TRK33N), the new TREKKER are the ideal solution for motorcycles equipped with an exhaust terminal only on one side; in fact, by mounting the case more; small on the side where the muffler is present and the large on the other side, in many cases solves the problem of asymmetry that would be obtained with traditional side cases. Features: capacity 33 l dimensions 411 x 230 x 526 maximum weight 10 kg It is possible to combine: - The side bag plus; large Trekken 46lt - The Trekker top case 52 lt The following related accessories are also available: E152 Small Black Metallic Carrier Small Black Metallic Carrier E152 Black Polyurethane Backrest Inner Bag for Trekker Top Box Kit Rings for anchoring elastic net Pair of Trekker Straps Elastic net storage Elastic net 2.5-liter approved jerry can Removable support to mount the jerry can cod.E149 Stainless steel support for water bottles cod.E162 Stainless steel thermal water bottle for drinks cod.STF500S

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