Five RS2 NL summer leather gloves Black

Five RS2 NL summer leather gloves Black

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With the RS2, Five makes its expertise available to all, offering an enjoyable everyday glove for all types of two-wheelers, from motorcycles to scooters. A top seller and 2017 winner of the Top Quality Prize from influential moto Magazine in the summer glove category, this glove is getting a revamp for 2021. It’ll keep its best features, but will feature an updated design, which will include a brand-new ERGO PROTECH® one-piece shell. And it’ll also be even more practical, with new features such as the Touch Screen™ system so you can handle electronic devices with your gloves on. Its goat-leather topside, selected for suppleness and perforated for better ventilation, includes a 4-Way Spandex comfort zone, for optimal riding pleasure. The wrist zone will come in neoprene, for excellent support that won’t slow you down. The RS2’s level of ventilation will be just as efficient as ever, and its “second-skin” comfort, perfect for everyday wear, are back for you to enjoy. Even more attractive, even better equipped…the new RS2 is already setting the new standard in its category.

(Topside) Full-grain goat leather construction for suppleness, perforated for ventilation/4-Way Spandex/Neoprene.
(Palm) Synthetic leather with goat-leather reinforcement on the hypothenar.
Five ERGO PROTECH™ one-piece metacarpophalangeal PVC protective shell underneath the leather.
Five protective logos in TPR on the metacarpals.
Mini-protective shells in soft TPR on the index and middle fingers.
Hypothenar protective shell (palm slider) in TPR.
Protective reinforcements in 3 mm foam underneath the leather on the ring and little fingers.
Leather accordion comfort gussets on the thumbs.
Fourchettes (finger contours) in stretch Nylon.
Neoprene wristband for enhanced comfort.
TPR + Velcro tab closure system and Lycra gusset.
Pull N Ride leather pull tab.
Touch Screen™ system for handling electronic devices, on the index finger.

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Manufacturer 5Five
Type Man
Style Urban
Stagione Summer
Color Black