Befast Terence sleeveless shirt in Dryarn

Befast Terence sleeveless shirt in Dryarn

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Made in Italy

The technical leaders of the Line Befast UNDERWEAR were designed and created to assist athletes in achieving maximum physical performance under the best conditions of comfort.
Do not have seams in areas where adherence is essential for the exploitation of their characteristics, would have made them annoying and are made using the combination of specific materials , the result of extensive research and experimentation, guarantees the best results.
The Dryarn ® is a polypropylene fiber lightweight , water repellent and antiallergic the use of which allows the layer in contact with the skin to transfer the sweat to the most external : in this way allows the natural evaporation away from the skin , so that not cause the cooling and allow the body thermoregulation spontaneous

A high-tech yarn !


Technical detail:
Made in Dryarn
Made without side seams
Do you charge by electrostatic
It does not absorb any stain


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Manufacturer BEFAST
Type Man
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