Auxiliary Led Spotlights Midland Mlh

Increase your safety on the road with the new Midland Led Headlights. Midland presents the new Midland Led Headlights, auxiliary headlights with LED technology, universal and approved, the solution fo... Learn More
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Designed to resist water, rust and dust thanks to black anodized aluminum construction.
The spotlights can be connected directly to the battery with the included cables and easily installed to all tubulars between 21
and 25 mm. The unique design of the new MLHs give a more attractive look to your bike and increase the safety and visibility of your lighting system in all weather conditions


- Aluminum body and mounting brackets
- IP68 waterproof certificate
- Led light 3000 lumens
- Power consumption 30 Wx2
- Fog and high beam
- Wiring with ON/OFF/Pass switch (flashing)
- 12-24V power supply
- Dual beams of yellow and white light
- Options: fixed white only, fixed yellow only, pass white
- Packs and codes: 2 Led spotlights, switch, 2 tubular brackets, 2 tubular adapters, 1 Allen wrench, cable ties,
specific wiring harness with management unit.

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